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Dr. Justin Ternes is a Physical Therapist based out of Encinitas, California. He is passionate about helping every patient address their pain, injury and/or physical limitations through a unique blend of functional exercises, manual therapy skills and mindfulness techniques.

Justin is passionate about treating his patients holistically. He spends his time adding to an already comprehensive education by continually learning new modalities and ways to help patients manage their injuries.

He enjoys a steady routine consisting of golf, yoga, meditation, basketball, strength training, breath exercise and the frequent morning dip in the Pacific ocean.

His approach is innovative and the art of physical therapy is his entryway to helping people heal.



For the patients that would like the PT to "come to me", JTDPT provides concierge-type physical therapy treatment.  In home visits are great for those with more severe, acute injuries.


Sessions are available in the main studio of Gather Encinitas, an enchanting yoga studio located in the heart of Leucadia along the 101.


San Diego is a beautiful area that provides many parks, beaches and hiking trails that create the perfect environment for outdoor therapy.

Pain science + Manual Therapy + Return-to-golf + Pre & Post-Operative Care
mindfulness & meditation + Yoga Therapy
+ Wellness education


Physical therapy

Pain Science -- Power of Breath -- Mindfulness


Physical therapy

Return-To-Golf Physical Therapy -- Golf Performance Screen -- Golf Injury Education and Prevention

Online Pain Coaching


I'm an avid Triathlete so I'm always on the go and cannot afford any setbacks. However, when the tendinitis in my foot flared up I immediately reached out to Dr.Justin Ternes. He was extremely helpful walking me through the correct ways to treat the actual injury as opposed to just treating the symptoms.  He gave me a ton of simple but effective exercises that I could do AT HOME or AT WORK.


I worked with Justin for many weeks and he helped me get rid of neck and shoulder pain I had been walking around with for years. I cannot say enough about how amazing he is!


I was in a lot of pain.  Pain that felt, at times, excruciating, even when not moving.  Justin did not rush me and observed my lack of mobility and restricted flexibility.  He discussed with me his observations, performed gentle massage on the affected joint and then explained, in detail, the exercises I would need to do to strengthen the soft tissue I had damaged and how to avoid surgery.  The result? It worked and I felt like new! I can easily recommend Justin to anyone who has an injury or a bio mechanical problem for which they are searching for a solution.  Excellent and efficient treatment.  Thank you Justin!


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